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Discover the greatest show .February 8-9-10-11-12, 2013
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Rio Carnival sexy girls: woman drums queen
Hot Carnival girl woman at Rio carnaval , Brazil
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Rio carnival picture: brazilian female dancers
Rio Carnival dancers - brazilian girls photo
Rio carnival picture: samba dancer at drums corp
Brazilian Rio Carnival costume - dancing at samba school photo

Enjoy the best images, pictures of the Brazilian Carnival 2013 in Brazil, February 08 | 12 , 2013. 
The best Carnival in the world with its famous Samba Schools parade in Rio de Janeiro, the fantastic blocos of trios eletricos in Salvador Bahia, the street carnival in Recife and Olinda ...The carnaval is celebrated in all Brazil. The brazilian carnival celebration starts on Friday guaranteeing 5.5 days of parties (nobody goes to work before Wednesday noon)... This is the Brazilian Carnival ! In Rio you can find The Carnival Balls, The Samba Parade, and the Street Carnival...a chance for individuals to join in with local street bands... All you need take is yourself and a lot of energy. The Samba School Parade in Rio de Janeiro Sambodromo is considered the biggest show on earth. The parade is broadcast live to a lot of countries by brazilian tv ! 
Celebrities in the Brazilian carnival 2013
The south-Korean rapper, Psy, will participate in the Carnival of Salvador beside brazilian singer Claudia Leitte.
The author of the video more seen in the history of Youtube-Gangnam Style-with more than one billion visualizations--it will participate in the trio Coco Bambu, in the Salvador Carnival on Friday (February 8, 2013) and must, still, to pass for Rio de Janeiro carnival  on Saturday (February 9,2013). Megan Fox , Monica Belluci : confirmed.

Brazilian carnival dates 2013:

The Brazilian Carnaval (Carnival) 2013 is celebrated on February  08 to February 12, 2013...See the best pics, photos of the brazil hot carnival 2013  

Accommodation during carnival
In Rio de Janeiro: Looking for a Hotel for Carnival Rio 2013? This is very last minute to book a hotel package to Rio for Carnival 2013. The foreign tourist can find  a couple of rooms available in Copacabana, Leme Ipanema and the central area of Rio..
In Salvadro Bahia: For who goes to Salvador only for the Carnival, the best is if it accommodates between the Historical Center and Rio Vermelho, close neighborhoods to the carnaval circuits. Even with interdicted roads and chaotic traffic, nevertheless it will be easier and cheaply of moving around.

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Rio carnival 2013 - Samba parade at Sambodromo
Rio Carnival 2013 parade - Sambodromo pics
brazil carnival 2013 women at salvador bloco


salvador carnival girls dancing incarnaval bloco - trio eletrico
Salvador Carnival 2013 women  - photo
salvador carnival women 2013 pic
Salvador Carnival women in electric trio - photo

The brazilian Rio Carnival parades begin on Friday evening with the samba schools of access group "A" . Tthe samba groups trying to get into the top division, and the climax is reached on Sunday and Monday nights when the 12 groups in the Special Group parade, 6 each night, each for 80 minutes. The groups are called escolas do samba (samba schools.) Beija Flor is one of the most venerable of all the escolas, referred to as one of the quatro grandes (big four). Its percussion section has won the placa (plaque) for best percussion section more than any other school. Nude women, naked brazilian carnival babes are normal in the Rio Samba Parade.


Salvador carnival : features
The Salvador Blocos are composed by a music float and a support car and they have its space delimited by a great rope, besides they have an own outline of security. In each carnaval bloco counts with  an star attraction of the Bahia music. The most famous Salvador carnival stars and singers are: Ivette Sangalo, Claudia Leitte, Daniela Mercury,  Carlinhos Brown, ╔ o Tchan axe group,Banda Eva, Timbalada, Olodum, Banda Cheiro de Amor, ParangolÚ, Banda Beijo, Araketu , Chicabana, Harmonia do Samba and much more.
Music float -The Trio Eletrico: The music float is a mounted errant stage on a great truck, equipped with electric generators and modern sound equipments and light. The Salvador artists and bands come on top of the trio, encouraging the crowd inside and out of the blocos.

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